• Beginners mistakes when growing marijuana

    Beginners mistakes when growing marijuana

    A common mistake often made by first-time growers of marijuana is over-watering the growing medium that is holding new marijuana plants. The general rules are, when first potting your marijuana plant, give your best guess as to how much it weighs when dry. The best way to do this...

  • Cannabis pests, molds and mildew

    Cannabis pests, molds and mildew

    Below you will find some helpful information that will help spare your marijuana garden from the negative effects of fungi and insects. These are just a few of the negative effects that most marijuana gardens face, with others being viruses, diseases and bacteria that can harm or kill off your marijuana plants...

  • Marijuana plant abuse

    Marijuana plant abuse

    Heat stress on marijuana leaves typically shows up by a browning of the edges of marijuana leaves. Nutrient burn and heat burn look very similar, however, heat burn on marijuana leaves will show up only near marijuana plant tops that are nearest to heat lamps. The only way to remedy...

  • Marijuana nutrient disorders

    Marijuana nutrient disorders

    Nutrient disorders are caused by too much or too little of one or several nutrients being available. These nutrients are made available between a pH range of 5 and 7 and a total dissolved solids [TDS] range of 800 to 3000 PPM [parts per million]. Maintaining these conditions is the key...

  • Marijuana plant health problems

    Marijuana plant health problems

    Below you will find possible causes for problems that you have with your marijuana plants. Remember that your problem is not necessarily a lack of a certain nutrient, the problem is often the availability of it. High pH can prevent plants absorb essential nutrients. Extreme humidity may...

  • Ten mistakes that many marijuana growers make

    Ten mistakes that many marijuana growers make

    Giving marijuana plants too much water will kill them. You only need to water when the top 2-3" of soil becomes dry. If you choose to grow through hydroponics, you will likely never over-water your plants due to how well rockwool drains. So long as your rockwool cubes aren't submerged in...


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