Take precautions if you're on the go


Smoking marijuana from your own private dwelling is a much better option than smoking marijuana in an open car where people can readily see you and search and seizure can get you caught.

Marijuana and the car

The glove box within your car is a bad place to keep your marijuana. Every police officer will ask for license and registration, which most people keep in their glove box. Officers are trained to look for drugs as the glove box is opened.

Roaches should never be left in an ashtray within your car. Officers look there as well if there is a suspicion of drug use.

It would be a good idea to hide any marijuana or similar paraphernalia from open view within your automobile. Even a feathered roach clip should be put away instead of being hung from some type of mirror. Officers notice the hanging feathers before your car even comes to a complete stop and may even be part of what you are getting pulled over for. You would be open to search and seizure if this is hanging within plain sight as it is still considered illegal contraband. There are even officers known to collect things like these feathers on the walls within their office.

Constantly check the lights on your car to make sure that none of them are out or else you may get pulled over for a broken headlight or signal light, only to have the officer notice you are possessing marijuana.

It is best to always leave your marijuana in a container in the car when you have to go into a store. If they happen to think you shoplifted anything, you are automatically subject to a body search.

Make sure you do not speed, weave in your lane or run any stop signs while driving because if you are doing these things and happen to have marijuana in your car, the police will be more apt to pull you over. If you do get pulled over, you are then more likely to be arrested as well.

Play the good citizen

You will want to focus on how your eyes look, how your breath smells and how much smoke is in your car when you are driving around. The last thing you want is to look like you might be stoned and have a cop arrest you for DUI.

You should always use a briefcase, sealed container, suitcase or backpack to carry your marijuana because according to the United States Supreme Court, officers cannot open these items without a search warrant or your permission, just like if you were at home.

Makeup compacts, toothbrush cases or soap containers are good places to keep your marijuana as well because most people would not consider that a viable container for drugs. Something like this placed inside another sealed object, like those mentioned above, would be ideal.

You will always want to avoid having marijuana on you if you plan to drink. You do not want to catch the police's attention and have them notice you having any drugs on you.

Always have your stickers on your license plate current and all other requirements up to date so that you have no additional reasons to be pulled over for a traffic stop.

If you happen to be carrying marijuana while publicly intoxicated, make sure you do not look or act that way.

Make sure you are careful to follow peace laws when carrying marijuana as well to avoid the police being called to settle a disturbance.

While carrying marijuana, do not have any type of negative attitude with the police. The last thing you want is to give off a vibe that gets their attention focused on you.

Marijuana and drug paraphernalia

It is recommended you leave your drug paraphernalia at home when possessing marijuana. If an officer has already taken notice of you, this could fall under probable cause to a police officer to suspect you have drugs on you.

All of your paraphernalia and drug contraband should be kept in a single location, no matter where you are. If you ever get stuck being searched, knowing there is only one location to be concerned with will help you stay calm.

If you are going to carry marijuana, know what your weight limits are within your state. If you have too much, your charges may be bumped up to a felony level, so you never want to carry this much if possible. Most misdemeanors an officer will look past if you are polite about the scenario and only carrying a little bit.

One small bag of cannabis should be all you ever carry. Multiple bags can subject you to new felony charges such as intent to distribute even if you combine the weights of all of the bags and they are under your state's weight limit for misdemeanor charges. Plus, carrying multiple drugs can increase your charges if you get arrested, so this should be avoided.

You never want to carry any illegal items on your person, such as a weapon, when you have marijuana on you because if a police officer spots that illegal item, they will be able to use probable cause to do a deeper search, potentially finding your stash.

Air purifiers can help those who live in secluded environments where the smoke from marijuana could be a potential problem for others.

Only carry what amount of cannabis that you absolutely need when leaving the house because a tiny amount can be concealed better and allows you to potentially get out of charges if caught holding it.

No matter whether you possess marijuana or not, attorneys advise that you never voluntarily give consent for a search of you or your property. Most times, officers ask for permission because they have realized they do not have any right to search without you agreeing.

Roaches and other evidence should not be left out even if you happen to be at home when you smoke.

A helpful tip for those trying to find a good hiding place: the police have every right to look around where you are when you are arrested, including anywhere you can jump, reach with your hands or crawl to, without needing a search warrant. This includes those arrested in their homes.

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