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Seeds that thrive in tropical climates


Tropical and subtropical climates

For those who are lucky enough to live near the Equator, you will want to use marijuana seeds that come from Madya Pradish and Tamil. These south Indian varieties of the marijuana plant grow vigorously and flower heavily because of the intense heat and dryness of India's summers. These specific varieties of marijuana seeds are already adapted to begin to flower in November and finish up in December when grown in India. However, the shorter days that other areas have may cause them to bloom slightly earlier, reaching full maturity during November.

There are other varieties of cannabis seeds that you may consider growing. These varieties typically come from Cambodia, Brazil, Thailand, Jamaica and some countries around central Africa.

The classic marijuana strains

There is also the option of certain commercial versions of sativa marijuana seeds. Some of these seeds work in higher level latitudes, allowing them to flower quite a few months sooner in their transplanted location instead of their normal end of year timeframe. You can expect to see blooms between the end of September and beginning of October with these marijuana seed varieties. Specifically, the different Haze varieties of seeds can also help with higher latitude issues. The best approach may still be the sativa marijuana seeds, however, because of their incredible adaptive properties. Crossing your own seeds between a sativa variety and an Indica variety will give you a hybrid with the best of both plants, giving you a more controlled version of a cannabis plant that stays shorter. Another benefit of this hybrid combination is the fact that you will have mature, flowering plants during October instead of the one to two month wait that purebred plants will require.

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