Safety and Security tips


  • Guerrilla farming marijuana

    Guerrilla farming marijuana

    When referring to guerrilla farming, most people are talking about growing something on property that is not your own or on the "back 40" of your property where outsiders would not see anything. You can find places that aren´t readily accessible or that people own but do not use...

  • Take precautions if you're on the go

    Take precautions if you're on the go

    Smoking marijuana from your own private dwelling is a much better option than smoking marijuana in an open car where people can readily see you and search and seizure can get you caught. The glove box within your car is a bad place to keep your marijuana. Every police officer will ask for...

  • Beating a urine drug test

    Beating a urine drug test

    Whenever possible, you want to abstain from drug-use prior to any drug test with a recommended two month break before you take the test. If this is not possible, then you might require other methods of passing a drug test. The first rule is drink a lot of water this can help you in more...

  • How to deal with police

    How to deal with police

    If it is illegal to have or smoke marijuana where you live, do not carry it around when you leave your home! Save the smoking for your house or a friend's house. A good disguise when having to go to your local supplier is having a mountain or racing bike and wearing clothing that looks like...

  • Indoor and outdoor security measures

    Indoor and outdoor security measures

    All around the world, police spend countless tax-payer dollars trying to find and stop growers of marijuana. Now the question becomes how cannabis growers can avoid losing their marijuana plants to the police and facing jail time. Here are a few tips that may make it easier. Keep your operation hush-hush...

  • Safety and Privacy for marijuana growers

    Safety and Privacy for marijuana growers

    Most utility companies are able to tell if your bill has skyrocketed from where it was a year ago, and this is one way that police are starting to catch growers of marijuana. Typically, an additional 500 watts for a family home would be considered a normal increase of electricity per month and if asked, you can simply...

  • Outdoor security for marijuana growers

    Outdoor security for marijuana growers

    Most people could look around a marijuana grower's yard and never even notice the marijuana plants growing in the back because of how well these plants blend in. If you happen to start your crop outside later on in the growing season, your plants will likely never even be noticed if...

  • Not getting caught stoned

    Not getting caught stoned

    We have heard people say that stoners smell of weed, when there is little or no smell, simply due to suspicion of drug use, but in all reality, the scent dissipates within minutes off of both hair and clothing. The one part of your body that will have the smell linger longest is your hands...


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