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Safety and Privacy for marijuana growers


Mind the electricity

Most utility companies are able to tell if your bill has skyrocketed from where it was a year ago, and this is one way that police are starting to catch growers of marijuana. Typically, an additional 500 watts for a family home would be considered a normal increase of electricity per month and if asked, you can simply mention new working hours, additional people living in the home, new appliances or devices in the home or even space heaters. Now if a police officer knocks on your door and inquires about the change, do not allow them to enter the home and figure out a way to move your marijuana plants to a new location as quickly as possible. It is recommended that you borrow a car and move the marijuana plants during the middle of the night to your new chosen location. Once you are in your new location, it might be a good idea to start off using a lot of electricity so that there is no large jump in usage when you are growing your crops in the future.

Plan ahead

You will want to control as much of your growing environment as possible, as open windows, leaking light, rooms that are too hot or even theft can easily occur when you are growing marijuana plants. You will also want to avoid using an alarm when you are at work or otherwise away from home. The last thing you want is some kid trying to break in to steal your crop and the police show up only to bust you as well. If they want to steal it that badly, it is not worth you going to jail too. Try and predict when outsiders could need to look around your home and have them in before you begin your crop when possible. You do not want to have some meter reader or repairman come in and bust you for something you could have prevented. Make sure you consider all people and pets before beginning to grow a marijuana crop in your home.

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