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  • Purple Power seeds

Purple Power seeds

One pack contains 10 seeds


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  • Type: mostly sativa
  • Climate: outdoor
  • Yield: up to 14oz | 400g m2
  • Height: up to 98.5in | 250cm
  • Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
  • Harvest time: september
  • Difficulty: easy/moderate
  • THC level: strong 15% to 20%
  • Effect: sativa high cerebral buzz
Purple Power marijuana is a cross between early-flowering Dutch Dope and the celebrated Skunk #One. The result is a very potent variety with some sativa qualities. Purple Power's coloring is true to her name. She's a visual delight as she begins to flower and her small green nubs transform into fat, solid purple buds. She sets so many buds that by harvest time she'll take on a purple glow. The purple becomes more intense the cooler your climate is. She's a sturdy, pest-resistant plant that grows well in either warm or difficult, cool conditions. She adapts and flourishes indoors, too. She may not be our highest-yielder, but her unique qualities make her worth growing. Purple Power's scent and flavor are difficult to describe, sweet but hashy with an undercurrent of skunk. Her high is uplifted and cerebral, well worth trying!

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