Outdoor security for marijuana growers


Outdoor security

Most people could look around a marijuana grower's yard and never even notice the marijuana plants growing in the back because of how well these plants blend in. If you happen to start your crop outside later on in the growing season, your plants will likely never even be noticed if they are grown near plants that are the same size or taller. You can even grow taller marijuana plants within a bunch of trees and have them blend in to the point of invisibility. All you really have to do is limit who has access to the area and your plants will be able to grow in peace. If you randomly place your plants, spacing them apart from each other, in your current landscaping where they can get hit by the sun for extended periods of time, you will have a good growth and plants that blend right into their environment.

If you can, look around to find marijuana varieties that look like plants you have in your current landscape. If you need your marijuana plants to have greener coloring to blend right into your current plants, a bit more nitrogen [N] will do the trick. We have even heard of growers who pin flowers to their marijuana plants to allow them to blend in with surrounding bushes. If your neighbors happen to notice you outside at night on a full moon, act as though you are simply mowing your lawn or doing random yard work and you will blend right back in instead of raising suspicions. All you have to do is dig an appropriate sized hole for your plant and put your marijuana plant inside the hole. If you bury your pot deep enough, you can cut as much as a foot (30 cm) off of the height. You can even take the tops of your marijuana plants and run them along opposing trellises to have them grow horizontally. This will keep your plant under 3' (90 cm) for its lifetime, which will definitely blend in no matter how nosy your neighbors are. These varieties of marijuana plants can even grow right out in plain view without anyone noticing. After all, how often have you heard about neighbors being invited over to enjoy a barbeque without anyone ever noticing the beautiful marijuana plants growing along the fence?

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