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Outdoor marijuana seeds by climate


World climate zones

Climate is the weather conditions at a specific place on the earth in the atmosphere just above the surface of the earth. When a surtain area in the world has the same weather circumstances like temperature and rainfall and identical recurring seasons for more than 30 years it can be called a "Climate". The climate of a region determines which marijuana strains are able to grow and which will not. So it is very important to choose a suitable strain for the climate you live in.

Tropical climate

A tropical climate is a climate found in the tropics. The tropics are the region between the tropics (two imaginary lines around the earth where the sun reaches position southernmost (tropic of Capricorn) and northernmost (tropic of Cancer) once a year). This area is characterized by a slight difference between the length of day and night. The Indonesian archipelago, the northern half of Australia and most of the continents of Africa and South America fall within it.

Strains for a tropical climate

Dry climate

A dry climate is a climate where the growth of trees is not possible because there is so little rainfall and where permanent rivers can not have their origin. A dry climate is also referred to as a B-climate. This is classified by a so-called drought index that is based on the annual evaporation of moisture. This index also determines the boundary between the very dry desert climate and less dry steppe climate. A dry climate is found in southwest areas of the USA, most parts of South America, most continents of Africa and the central part of Australia.

Strains for a dry climate

Temperate climate

The temperate climate is characterized by variable, moderate temperatures that lie between the poles and tropical climates. It has seasonal characteristics with four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, with not too hot summers and no extremely cold winters. Northern Europe, northern part of the U.S., Eastern Canada and northeastern China, Korea and Japan are part of the zone of the northern hemisphere. South Chile, Southeast Australia and New Zealand cover the southern hemisphere.

Strains for a temperate climate

Cold climate

The climate also known as continental climate characterized by large temperature differences between summer and winter. Because the areas where the influence of large water areas such as seas and oceans is lacking, the temperature in the summer months goes up to extremely high values and it can be extremely cold in winter. In the absence of the cooling effect of seawater in the summer and warming effect in winter nature has almost free reign to provide cold and heat. Of all climates, cold climates are the most fickle. The long-term averages of temperature and precipitation are only a guide with reasonable tolerances. There can be a big difference in minimum and maximum temperature within a period of 24hours. The climate can be found in large parts of China, Russia and Japan. A cold climate does not necessarily lies inland. In the northern hemisphere, some coastal areas of East Asia, Northern Europe and Canada also have a cold climate.

Strains for a cold climate

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