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Not getting caught stoned


The dreaded Red-Eye effect

Typically you will see this due to the body's dehydration after smoking marijuana. Most people have cotton mouth, dry eyes and never sweat when they are high, but they do not connect the dots that it is from dehydration. The water from your body gets drained out, but you can quickly fix this effect with eye-drops and water. Make sure to only use three drops per eye because more drops can increase the red-eye effect. If you forgot your eye-drops and for some reason cannot visit your local drug store (Eckerd, Walgreens or CVS style stores), then make sure you drink as much water as possible. This will stop the munchies, relive your cotton mouth and lessen the effects of red-eye. You will, however, need to drink at least five glasses to get the desired effect.

The weed smell

We have heard people say that stoners smell of weed, when there is little or no smell, simply due to suspicion of drug use, but in all reality, the scent dissipates within minutes off of both hair and clothing. The one part of your body that will have the smell linger longest is your hands, however. We believe this to be because the hands have come in contact with the marijuana while sorting through the bags, rolling the joints or blunts, packing the marijuana down into the bowls or holding the sticky (and smelly) roach that is covered in the oil. This is an easy fix. If you can, wash your hands with warm, soapy water. If you can't, just cover that smell with another that smells stronger. We suggest you cover your fingers in buffalo sauce from some wings!

The weed smell on your breath

Most people who say they can smell it on your breath are either suspicious of you using drugs or they walked in as you finished smoking. If it has been more than five minutes since you smoked, there is no smell on your breath. If you must cover the smell quicker, use a breath mint.

Your stance

Many stoners act as though they're being talked to when high, wavering all over the place. The best thing to do is simply stand still. Leaning against a wall for support is an easy way to remain stationary.

Your patterns of speech can give you away

This is difficult to combat. Even if your eyes are clear and you smell good, the way you talk can be a big clue. The best way to avoid these tell-tale signs is to say nothing at all. Smile when appropriate and continue eye contact with people around you.

Hopefully this will help those who cannot smoke openly in their home hide their little habit.

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