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  • Northern Light x Big Bud

Northern Light x Big Bud

One pack contains 10 seeds


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  • Type: mostly indica
  • Climate: indoor
  • Yield: up to 17.5oz | 500g m2
  • Height: up to 31.5in | 80cm
  • Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks
  • Difficulty: easy/moderate
  • THC level: strong 15% to 20%
  • Effect: stoned indica body buzz
The Northern Light x Big Bud crossing is the best conceivable mix of marijuanas. Big Bud is a tried-and-true variety long favored by commercial growers for its strength and yield. Northern Light yields an equally impressive bumper crop and is wonderfully easy to grow. These legends combine to make one great marijuana plant. Northern Light x Big Bud is a great choice if you want to grow marijuana indoors, and is an easy plant for any grower's skill level. She produces an abundance of THC crystals and sticky resin from her nice fat buds. Her main cola (top bud) is so immense that the plant might require support during flowering. Northern Light x Big Bud marijuana emits a mild skunk scent, and her taste is also slightly skunky. Her smoke is so smooth and light, you hardly notice it. Her high is also very smooth but strong. It includes the characteristic relaxing indica buzz. You'll find her high to be nice and lasting.

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