Marijuana Seeds

On this page you will find all categories of marijuana seed types.
If you search for a specific type, you can choose from the following icons on this page.

  • All marijuana strains

    All marijuana strains

    Here you will find the complete range of marijuana seeds in alphabetic order.

  • Autoflowering seeds

    Autoflowering seeds

    Autoflowering seeds are early flowering. They automatically start their flowering period.

  • Cheap marijuana seeds

    Cheap marijuana seeds

    Low priced quality seeds with fairly good yields and easy to maintain.

  • Easy to grow seeds

    Easy to grow seeds

    These seeds are ideal for newbies or people who have little time on their hands.

  • Feminized seeds

    Feminized seeds

    These seeds are genetically engineered to produce female marijuana plants.

  • indica seeds

    Indica seeds

    Indicas are known for their short plants with dense buds, lots of resin and high yield.

  • indica/sativa seeds

    Indica/sativa seeds

    These marijuana seeds are crossbred for their unique marijuana characteristics.

  • Indoor marijuana seeds

    Indoor marijuana seeds

    These seeds are only suitable to grow indoors.

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