Marijuana seed guides


  • Marijuana seed germination

    Marijuana seed germination

    For successful germination of marijuana seeds, growers must adhere to three main principals. The seeds need warmth, darkness and of course, plenty of moisture. Distilled water will help maximize your results in comparison to rain or tap water, but is not required. Most municipal water...

  • Choosing a marijuana strain

    Choosing a marijuana strain

    There are numerous questions that arise when talking about marijuana seeds. Do you know what varieties you prefer? Or is your preference a hybrid of more than one variety? Where is the best location to grow, and which location are you actually going to be able to use? What is your...

  • Marijuana seed storage

    Marijuana seed storage

    There are many disagreements on how to store marijuana seeds: cold environments like freezers or cool, dark and dry locations. Our perspective is something a bit in between. We think that a fridge works best to keep the seeds viable longer, but that does not mean that this is the...

  • Seeds that thrive in tropical climates

    Seeds that thrive in tropical climates

    For those who are lucky enough to live near the Equator, you will want to use marijuana seeds that come from Madya Pradish and Tamil. These south Indian varieties of the marijuana plant grow vigorously and flower heavily because of the intense heat and dryness of India's summers...

  • Outdoor marijuana seeds by climate

    Outdoor marijuana seeds by climate

    Whenever possible, you want to abstain from drug-use prior to any drug test with a recommended two month break before you take the test. If this is not possible, then you might require other methods of passing a drug test. The first rule is drink a lot of water this can help you in more...


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