Marijuana seed germination


How to germinate marijuana seeds

For successful germination of marijuana seeds, growers must adhere to three main principals. The seeds need warmth, darkness and of course, plenty of moisture. Distilled water will help maximize your results in comparison to rain or tap water, but is not required. Most municipal water supplies go through a chlorination process which removes parasites from the water as well as cleaning and neutralizing the pH levels, making it a good alternative to distilled or bottled waters. The rule of thumb when considering what type of water to use is if it is safe enough to drink it is good enough to use.

To achieve the best germinating results

Placing your marijuana seeds on a clean bed of paper towel saturated with fresh water on room temperature will aid growers in obtaining greater germination results. Growers will also want to cover their marijuana seeds with a second layer of saturated paper towel. The seeds should then be left alone in a warm, dark place for roughly 48 hours. Make sure that you check on your seeds every 12 hours to evaluate the water content of your paper towels. If they begin to feel dry, rehydrate your paper towels by adding more water. You will also want to make sure that the temperature remains constant, around 65°F to 80°F | 18°C to 26°C, usually a kitchen cabinet or cupboard will suffice. Once your seeds begin to split and you can see the small, white roots stemming from the seed, you want to discontinue soaking and prepare your seeds for planting. If you continue to soak your seeds, you will cause unneeded stress and damage to the fragile roots of the marijuana seeds. Ensure you plant your seeds in a clean, pH balanced mixture. The mixture should be light weight, loosely kept and allow for a high level of drainage. We highly recommend a blend of vermiculite, sphagnum moss and Perlite.

You can purchase this premixed and use it right out of the bag or mix it with a sterilized potting soil. You seeds should be planted ¼ to ½ inch | ½ to 1 cm deep. The container should allow for a total depth of approximately 4 inches | 10 cm. This will allow your initial tap roots to grow straight down. The container should also have ample drainage holes to prevent the seedlings from downing. The planting mixture should be kept thoroughly damp throughout the growing process, but ensure you do not soak the mixture. High humidity levels are crucial for favorable germination rates. Covering your crop with clear plastic will help maintain higher levels of humidity. Place your planted cannabis seeds within a cold frame or under horticultural lights, within a warm and humid environment, between 67°F to 78°F | 19°C to 25°C. Once the marijuana sprouts have cleared the surface level of the soil and have serrated leaf formations, it is time to remove the plastic covers. It is important for you to use quarter or half strength vegetable fertilizer during this stage of growth. Also remember to maintain good moisture levels through the process to ensure proper growth of the plants.

Special note:

There are a few kinds of marijuana seeds that will not properly germinate, or at all, at room temperature and they will have no problem germinating at 90 °F | 32 °C. This is approximately 20 °F | 6 °C higher than standard room temperature. Make sure to always keep your seeds moist, and never use any type of bleach or bleach combination-this will kill off your seeds!

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