Marijuana plant guides

  • How to clone marijuana plants

    How to clone marijuana plants

    When we say cloning, we mean asexual reproduction. We take cuttings from a female marijuana plant that is vegetating and we root them hydroponically to grow a new marijuana plant. You will end up with identical genetic matches to your parent plant. You will be given the same characteristics of the plant you...

  • Proper harvesting your marijuana plants

    Proper harvesting your marijuana plants

    Learning how to harvest marijuana plants properly is essential when cultivating your crop. It could be equally as important as the growing process itself. Each grower is responsible for the crop's flavor and aroma, plus drying and curing the crop right for improvement in each category...

  • How to dry marijuana buds

    How to dry marijuana buds

    We would recommend that before you harvest, you flush your marijuana plants with clear water or start a reverse-osmosis filter 2-3 weeks before harvesting. If you can't filter, then use tap water with a clearing agent. This will allow most toxic chemicals to flush out of the soil after 10 days...

  • Drying and curing marijuana buds

    Drying and curing marijuana buds

    For those who are unfamiliar with the benefits of drying or curing your marijuana plants, it is considered a three-step process. It will taste better when dried and cured, and will help you not damage your lungs. Drying can take up to two weeks, and curing can take 14-60 days, depending on the variety...

  • Increase your marijuana plant growth

    Increase your marijuana plant growth

    One amazing thing that marijuana plants are capable of is vegetative regeneration even after the initial harvest. Some plants can give two or three different harvests in the same year. Second harvests usually happen about 6-8 weeks after the first. This is due to how much formation of the plant is...

  • Sativa vs Indica

    Sativa vs Indica

    Most species of indica have a short stature, an early maturation and a bushier look to them. They also have increased chlorophyll and less of the pigment that helps to protect the plants from too much sun, called accessory pigments. The increased amount of chlorophyll can help this variety of marijuana...

  • Male vs Female marijuana plants

    Male vs Female marijuana plants

    Typically a marijuana plant can be female or male, but occasionally you will find a hermaphrodite in the mix. Male cannabis plants will produce a pollen that, when combined with female flowers, will produce seeds. Female cannabis plants will either be pollinated by the male and make seeds or not be...

  • Learn to recognize male plants

    Learn to recognize male marijuana plants

    No matter what species of marijuana plants you are growing, you will have either female or male plants. Male plants will produce the pollen that will pollinate the flowers of female plants. Once pollinated the female plants will begin to produce seeds. If you have no male marijuana plants near the females...

  • How to prune your marijuana plants

    How to prune your marijuana plants

    Every time a grower trims or clips the tip of one of their plants, that particular stem breaks off into two new shoots. They then begin growing from the closest leaf axis. The process of pruning your growing plant is the easiest way to help control uneven or wild growth without harming your precious marijuana...

  • Cross breed marijuana strains

    Cross breed marijuana strains

    You can create cuttings from specific varieties of marijuana plants that can grow and mature to flowering quicker than other varieties. Some varieties are better for this process than others, so you can go through and pick the most potent and quickest growing and flowering plants, too. You will want to breed your fastest...

  • An easy way to early sexing

    An easy way to early sexing

    You can usually tell the gender of your marijuana plants relatively early, enabling you to remove your male marijuana plants from the growing location before pollination occurs. All you have to do is cover the lowest branches of the plant for 12 hours each day during a 24-hour light phase. Using something like a black...

  • The life cycle of a marijuana plant

    The life cycle of a marijuana plant

    Everything that is alive on this planet, has a life cycle, including the marijuana plant. Every living organism is born, follows a life path and eventually dies. In order to be able to start this life cycle again. The marijuana plant starts of as a single seed, to become a seedling, kicks off the vegetative growing stage and...

  • Regenerate your marijuana plant after harvest

    Regenerate your marijuana plant after harvest

    If you want to try and regenerate a harvested marijuana plant back to a vegetative state, it is possible. You can get your plant able to be harvested again in just 6-8 weeks because of the formation of the stalk and the marijuana plant's root system. If this is your goal, change the harvest routine to only include the top...


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