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Marijuana grow tips


Grow Lights or Lamps

Grow lights usually lose about 30% of their lumen output during the first 9-12 months of use, giving you 30% less yield for the same electrical cost. We recommend you regularly update your lights.

Seedlings and use of Rockwool

When your system uses rockwool for seedlings of marijuana plants, you will want a different nutrient solution. You will want your stock solution to have a TDS/CF reading of between 10 and 12, then you will want to adjust the pH down to a pH of 5.5. Put this in a bottle allowing you to decant your rockwool as it needs it. Make sure to shake up the solution before using it and only use what is needed. You never want your rockwool sitting in a nutrient solution puddle.

Growing medium

obligation conversation with a staff member with the training to answer and explain your options to you so you are successful.

Do not over do anything with hydroponics

You have to make sure to minimize everything when it comes to hydroponic growing. Do not over-feed, over-fertilize or over-light your marijuana plants. If you happen to do too little, you will just lower your final results, but if you over do anything, your plants will likely just die.

Your lighting

The general rule is the more light your marijuana plants get, the better your yield will end up. If you can double your lux, you should be able to double your yield! The coverage for each light is approximate:

  • 400W is 1m²: 5 to 10 marijuana plants
  • 600W is 1.5m²: 7 to 14 marijuana plants
  • 1000W is 2m²: 15 to 20 marijuana plants

The night cycle

When your plants need darkness, make sure it is not interrupted for any reason. This is incredibly important during flowering and fruiting phases of growth. Any extra light hitting your plants has the potential of stopping the phase entirely. Make sure if you go in there, it is dark outside and you have zero light, not even an LED screen!

Light movers

If you end up using a light mover, we recommend you use 600W or 1,000W light bulbs. Anything lower will not give your environment proper light, especially with the tracking motion back and forth of the light trying to cover that six foot span. When possible, use the 1,000W bulbs.


If you use LTI/RVK extraction motors, you will notice they're silent, but the flow of the air does make noise. If this becomes a problem, you can try placing a carbon filter on the first end and a silencer on the second end, giving you the final product of an odor-free extraction unit that makes no noise.

Water temperature

Water heaters should only be used in the coldest of environments, and even then, should be used sparingly. You simply want to take the chill out of the water. Marijuana plants do not do well when cared for with warm water.

Digital meters

Make sure to calibrate your CF and pH meters on a regular basis. You will want to use the conductivity standard on your CF meter and buffers of 4 and 7 on your pH meter. Without this calibration, your meters could be giving you false readings and you could harm your marijuana plants.

Planting seedlings

You don't want to plant your baby marijuana plants into a system until you can see significant root development. Make sure to not rush this process because premature planting can prohibit the growth of your marijuana plants.

pH Up and pH Down (WARNING)

You do not ever want to put pH up and pH down directly together into a single concentrate. This combination can be quite dangerous if not handled properly. You want to use separate pipettes for each solution and you will want them color-coded differently to tell them apart.

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