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  • Lemon Ice seeds

Lemon Ice seeds

One pack contains 10 seeds


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  • Type: mostly sativa
  • Climate: indoor/outdoor
  • Yield: up to 16oz | 450g m2
  • Height: up to 70in | 180cm
  • Flowering time: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Harvest time: september
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • THC level: strong 15% to 20%
  • Effect: very strong uplifting high
Lemon Ice is a sativa-dominant variety that will grow tall and sturdy. She is reasonably easy to grow, which makes her a good choice for novice cultivators. Lemon Ice is a sun-lover, but will adapt to do well indoors if you give her enough lumens and room to grow. She produces an abundance of compact, potent buds. She is a good choice for medical patients who need help with anxiety or stress. Lemon Ice has a delightful, citrus scent and a taste to match. Her fresh lemon-like flavor comes though best in pure joint form. She produces a high that includes a touch of her indica genetics, although it is dominantly sativa. You'll get a smooth indica body blow for just a few minutes before the sativa kicks in. Then you'll enjoy her classic sativa high, very uplifted and refreshing. She's a great choice for an energizing daytime smoke - she'll keep you going and feeling good.

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