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Indoor and outdoor security measures


Indoor and outdoor security

All around the world, police spend countless tax-payer dollars trying to find and stop growers of marijuana. Now the question becomes how cannabis growers can avoid losing their marijuana plants to the police and facing jail time. Here are a few tips that may make it easier.

Indoor security measures

Keep your operation hush-hush. Most people find this very difficult because they do not see their friends as a problem, but if they tell one person who tells one more person about your plants, the information could get to the wrong person. Most marijuana "busts" happen because someone told the police. If anyone must know about your operation, make sure they have as much at stake as you.

Don't attract attention. Most neighbors won't notice you planting a garden with lots of new soil and fertilizer unless you do it during the middle of winter. If you choose to do this, make sure you move things at night where no one can really see. Make sure your dome light in your car is turned off if you need to open and close your door repeatedly.

Make sure to deny any search of your home if police do show up. You can demand to view their search warrant through your closed door, and refuse to open it if they cannot provide you one. If you do open the door, an officer can claim they smell marijuana, leaving your home open to a full search.

When on vacation, keep your alarm turned off. The last thing you want is a break in, but with an alarm on the police will automatically show up. If they see what you're growing, you are the one who is going to end up in jail. It is better to let a thief take your plants than it is to spend time in jail.

During the night, walk around your house and make sure none of the grow lights leak out to where neighbors can see them. It may bring attention to your activities if there are bright lights on every night, all night long. This inspection should be done regularly to make sure your drapes and tape have not come apart, letting light escape.

When you're making marijuana garden purchases, always use cash. All credit card transactions can be logged and back-traced, which will allow police to connect the dots back to you if they suspect you are growing. The police have been known to buy store logs and search for unusual purchases.

Make sure you are not exhausting your heated air to the outside of your home as this is visible by Infrared helicopters. So long as your walls are well insulated and your grow lights do not touch your walls, these detectors cannot see anything which will leave your home safer. Keeping your door locked to the room you chose to grow your marijuana plants in will also help keep people away from your little secret.

Outdoor security measures

Never use rows or straight lines for planting. Nature is random and you should be, too. Patterns, like rows, can easily be spotted from above.

Never leave trails when visiting your crop. Use rocks and sticks to hide footprints whenever possible.

Avoid disturbing surrounding vegetation whenever possible.

Check on your crop either during the night or very early in the morning. Flashlights will also bring attention your direction so be careful when using them.

Park your vehicle off to the side in a way that won't attract attention.

Only involve people who will help harvest with your crop and only at harvesting time.

When possible, use small pines and evergreens to plant around. These trees remain green year round and hide your plants when others are browning from the cold.

Hide your gardening equipment by burying it or using another item to hide it.

Backpacks work quite well for harvested buds from your cannabis plants.

If you want to avoid attention when walking around near your crop, bring a book on some type of local wildlife and binoculars with you when you go. If someone still says anything to you, it is easy to pass off that you accidentally found someone else's stash.

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