Hydroponic marijuana growing

  • General marijuana hydroponics

    General marijuana hydroponics

    To use simple terms, hydroponic growing involves growing your marijuana plants without any soil, but instead using water or another growth medium that is able to be combined with a nutrient solution to feed all of the necessary nutrients to your marijuana plants through their roots directly. It really is that easy!

  • How to grow marijuana hydroponically

    How to grow marijuana hydroponically

    You can realistically use almost any portion of your house, garage or shed to grow indoor marijuana plants. Just remember to keep the most basic of plant needs in mind when setting up your growing location. If you are not sure what your marijuana plant requires, then just imagine looking at your garden in the middle of a sunny...

  • Easy homemade hydroponic systems

    Easy homemade hydroponic systems

    There is a consensus among marijuana plant growers that hydroponically grown cannabis plants grow at a much faster rate than soil, if all other conditions are the same within the environment. This is presumably due to the controlled nutrient solution feeding the plant is given and increased oxygen available to the plants.

  • Active and Passive hydroponic systems

    Active and Passive hydroponic systems

    Over the last several years, hydroponic systems have come a long way. It is not some big secret technique or lost mystery. Instead it is a reliable and relatively simple way to grow marijuana plants. It is far easier and a more consistent method than growing in soil. It only requires the mastering of a handful of basic principles employed through a step-by-step basis.

  • Basic hydroponic Rockwool system

    Basic hydroponic Rockwool system

    The basic system we are discussing is based on commercial use for growing marijuana plants. The intent is only for a mono-cultural style of cultivation, and would not work with a mixed garden. The design recirculates the nutrient solution, so if you plan on using a total-loss system, you must find a bigger tank and make adjustments for run-off.

  • Best nutrient ratio for vegetative growth

    Best nutrient ratio for vegetative growth

    After your marijuana plants have sprouted, they will begin growing vegetation. This will help your marijuana plants grow really tall through photosynthesis, allowing a lot of tip growth to occur above each set of marijuana leaves. Grow tips are the portion of the marijuana plant that can be cut off for clones, or asexual reproduction.

  • Frequently asked questions about hydroponics

    Frequently asked questions about hydroponics

    During our time in business as "Hydroponics and Organics", thousands of people have shared with us. Most of these people knew a bit about hydroponics and how well the process was supposed to work, but did not really give the process much consideration. This is because they all held on to some misconceptions surrounding the growing process using...


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