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How to prune your marijuana plants


Control the growth

Every time a grower trims or clips the tip of one of their plants, that particular stem breaks off into two new shoots. They then begin growing from the closest leaf axis. The process of pruning your growing plant is the easiest way to help control uneven or wild growth without harming your precious marijuana plant. You want to make sure that you do not prune the tip of any seedling until the first set of five-bladed leaves formed properly, and the plants vegetative phase has clearly begun. Many growers will prune the tips approximately four or five weeks into the plants growth cycle to assist in the development of low growing branches. These low growing branches will rapidly fill any and all horizontal space that the plant is given. The highest potency of your growing marijuana plant will be found within the growing tips, which by approximately three months, will provide you with a top quality smoke.

Be patient, your plant needs to recover

You are able to prune the growing tips throughout virtually any stage of the plant's development, however, do not go overboard in doing so. If you over prune your plant, you will harm the growth and development of your marijuana plant. It is advisable to have a pruning strategy created to increase the development of your plants instead of haphazardly cutting the growing tips from the plants. After every pruning, the marijuana plant requires several days to fully recover before any form of growth is able to resume. The more you continue to prune a plant, the more you limit its ability to grow. This is due largely in part to the genetic structure of the plant as well as the environmental conditions of the plant. To obtain more favorable results from your pruning, it is recommended that you prune your plants during the early stages of development as well as during the end of the marijuana plant's vegetative stage, or while the plant is flowering. You should also make sure to prune your plants in the early hours of the day instead of the evening, as it allows your marijuana plant the entire day to heal and recover from the stress of pruning.

Trimming the right branches

If you are looking for a smaller or bushier marijuana plant that requires less pruning, than you will want to consider the marijuana Indica variety plant as opposed to the marijuana Sativa species, which is larger variety of plant. Take care that you never prune a singular growing tip as well as avoid pruning the highest node from any branch of a growing plant. The highest node of any non-pruned plant will be far more potent than the upper-most buds of a similar pruned plant. This holds true, despite having similar growing conditions and growth schedules. When you prune the tallest branches you will ensure that your lower branches will grow upwards. This will form a larger surface area for light to assist in the development of the plant. The clear fluid that you will notice flowing from the end of any pruned branch is normal and contains the substances needed to seal the cut and assist the plant throughout the recovery process. While it is important to remove any and all wilting leaves from your plants, you must resist the urge to remove too many of your plants healthier leaves.

Growing only female plants

When growing seedless plants, you should make sure to remove any of the male marijuana plants the moment they are identified. This can be done by simply pruning the plant's main stem just above the ground, assuming it is grown in soil. You can also just remove the plant from your hydroponic garden if you so wish. While a pruned cannabis plant is going to be better developed than it's non-pruned counterparts, it may not always create more buds than the plants that have not felt the stress of regular pruning. The primary reason to prune your plant is to take the cuttings from your strongest, favorite plant and further it's hydroponic development. Often times growers will prune a cannabis plant to avoid detection by limiting the height of the plant. Alternatively, a grower can gently bend the tops of these plants and anchor them down with a wire or string.


Pruning the growing tip of your marijuana plant results in the removal of the most potent portion of the plant thus ruining the plants ability to reach full maturity.

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