How to deal with police


Safety first

If it is illegal to have or smoke marijuana where you live, do not carry it around when you leave your home! Save the smoking for your house or a friend´s house. A good disguise when having to go to your local supplier is having a mountain or racing bike and wearing clothing that looks like you're training for a race so no one gives you a second thought when you pass by.

Always be polite

Keep in mind the stress and pressure police are under on a constant basis. The more polite you are, the better your chances are of not raising suspicion.

Make sure if a police officer is pulling you over that you pull your car as far off of the road as possible so the officer does not have to worry about getting hit by traffic.

If you illuminate the inside of your car when pulled over, police feel safer around you.

Keeping your hands on the steering wheel will also help the police officer feel safer. You should only retrieve your license and registration upon the officer´s request.

Good communication is important

If for some reason the officer is trying to keep you pulled over longer than a standard ticket would take, hand the officer your NORML Freedom card. You can get this from and from norml members.

Always say no when asked if the police can search through your car, even if you believe it to be totally clean. Some LEOs will use the threat of drug dogs, but you should still refuse-politely of course.

Once you have received your ticket, you can ask the officer if he or she is placing you under arrest. If the officer declines then you can inform the officer you intend to leave. Once the police officer is away from your car, you may drive off. The only reason you should stay is if you may be under arrest and they are bringing in drug dogs. If you did not yet receive a ticket, you can still ask if they plan to place you under arrest. If the officer says they do not intend to arrest you, inquire about your ticket and again let the officer know you plan to leave.

Trying to blend in without looking stereotypical helps you avoid being arrested. Cars covered in bumper stickers can play into a police officer´s mind when deciding whether to pull you over or not.

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