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  • Happy Outdoor Mix

Happy Outdoor Mix

One pack contains 10 seeds


20 Free seeds with every order!


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  • miscellaneous
  • Climate: outdoor
  • Yield: miscellaneous
  • miscellaneous
  • Flowering time: miscellaneous
  • Harvest time: september/october
  • Difficulty: easy
  • THC level: miscellaneous
  • Effect: miscellaneous
Happy Outdoor Mix may sound like a 6-pack of summer petunias, but far from it! It's where little marijuana seeds with no other homego to be happy. As we work to create new strains and improve existing strains, genetics sometimes surprises us. Sometimes we produce seeds without the exact qualities we seek, although they are 100% viable. So, we package them as Happy Outdoor Mix for your surprise and pleasure. Happy Outdoor Mix also includes what we call, "Leftovers," seeds that are unsold when a new harvest comes in. We sell the new harvest and package the older seeds as Happy Outdoor Mix. Try Happy Outdoor Mix for a fun grab-bag of new plant types, tastes, and highs. We keep the price right, so no seeds go to waste and you get an inexpensive assortment. Our Happy Outdoor Mix sells 30 seeds for a very low price. With each purchase, you'll recieve 20 extra Happy Outdoor Mix seeds (instead of a pack of freebies).

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