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Guerrilla farming marijuana


Guerrilla farming your marijuana plants

When referring to guerrilla farming, most people are talking about growing something on property that is not your own or on the "back 40" of your property where outsiders would not see anything. You can find places that aren´t readily accessible or that people own but do not use, which makes these ideal locations to grow your cannabis plants. This way, if anyone locates the crop, you will not be immediately questioned about it. Police will not readily be able to prosecute you for anything so long as they cannot find any evidence of you having been at the location (hair, fingerprints, footprints, trails that lead to your home, etc). Another suggestion would be making sure no one knows that you are growing marijuana plants. Police won´t be able to do much if you tell them you were simply passing nearby and they cannot directly tie you to the growth. You can also bring some binoculars or a fishing pole while on your walk, so you can tell anyone who asks that you were going to fish or watch for birds. You will also want to make sure that no one ever visits your crop with you unless you will be harvesting within the next 24 hours. Always make sure that your marijuana crop is never where anyone can see it. Each time you visit, walk a different path so that you do not trample any surrounding plants and cover any trail you do have to make so that no one is able to discern any trail by looking at it.

If you decide that cut backs are the way to go, then you will want to make them so that people walking the trail won´t be able to see where you made them. Always park off to the side but not somewhere that will not gather attention. It is a good idea to know someone in the local vicinity of your growing location so that should you need a safe place to go, it is near where you are, especially if you have chosen to grow your crop far from home. Make sure you plan out your reasoning for being there before you show up so that if asked you do not stumble over the answer. Make sure to also include any items you have to bring with you in your story so that it is able to be easily explained should the need arise. If you happen to find a place that has poison oak and briar patches, then that will keep almost everyone away from your crop, keeping it safer. There is soap on the market that can help deactivate the effects of poison oak prior to the reaction called Teknu. If you happen to come in contact with it, then apply this soap immediately and shower exactly thirty minutes later.

Train your plants to camouflage

Make sure you keep your plants in small clusters and near trees and bushes when possible to help them camouflage. Training your plants to grow along a trellis or cutting them so you can control their growth will help your cannabis plants be less detectable. If you tie the top of your marijuana plant down to a stake in the ground, the branches will grow toward the sun and the yield will increase, assuming the plant has adequate growing time and light. If using trees, make sure your cannabis plants get angled sunlight for at least five hours each day. For proper growth, five direct hours of light and five indirect hours of light is optimal for marijuana plants. Another suggestion for covering your tracks is buying shoes that you will not mind throwing out at a later date so you can hide your footprints some. Surgical gloves leave no traceable fingerprints on your pots or any other item that may be at your location, which will help you if someone happens across your growing location.

Fencing against wildlife

Fences are good ideas when you are trying to keep local wildlife away from your plants, such as squirrels, deer and little chipmunks. Nylon forms of chicken wire or a wire mesh will work really well for this and they are very easy to wrap around trees when you have some near your location. This is strong and durable. Checking your fence often is a must to make sure it stays that way. Fishing line works really well at keeping away deer as well, with one horizontal line at a height of 18" (46 cm) and the other line at a height of 3´ (90 cm). If you are in very high latitudes, then you can buy Gopher Granola to keep gophers and wood rats from eating your plants. The best thing you can do to try and keep rats from your growing location is to avoid the use of dear away or soap as they both attract rats. They find the fat that the soap contains to be like dessert. If you choose to use rat poison, place it in a very small feeder that will only allow the smallest or rodents to enter, that way you do not have to worry about deer or birds eating anything bad. It is best to lay this out before you do any form of planting so they are away from your spot before you put your marijuana plants into the ground. It may end up being easier to use a shed or homemade greenhouse out of your backyard than to try and keep your growing location free of rats. If you are going to grow away from your home, however, you must first consider the security of a location followed immediately by finding a water source that your plants can drink from. If you want big plants, they´ll need a lot of water. If no water source is available then you are going to have to carry water to your plants regularly. Backpacks are the tool of choice for this so you can pass yourself off as a hiker instead of illegal pot grower.

Wait for early sexing before transfer

When growing marijuana plants outside, getting the sprouts to your growing location is typically the hardest part. If you are able to start your seedlings inside or in a garden, that is going to give them the best chances at being strong and healthy. Many growers wait until they can take the male plants out of the group and only transplant the females of the species. This saves you time and energy when you do not have to care for the male versions of the cannabis plants. Some have found success using 3" (7.5 cm) rockwool cubes when starting their seedlings, placing 20 of the plants inside a litter box and covering that with a second litter box. This is then the transport vessel to get your marijuana plants to your growing location. You just put the cubes directly into your soil and let them grow. If anyone asks why you have litter boxes, you can just use the excuse of having to bury a family cat to keep most people from inquiring further.

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