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Frequently asked questions about hydroponics


During our time in business as "Hydroponics and Organics", thousands of people have shared with us. Most of these people knew a bit about hydroponics and how well the process was supposed to work, but did not really give the process much consideration. This is because they all held on to some misconceptions surrounding the growing process using hydroponics. Each of these people had heard different things, so we are going to address some of the most common. Maybe it will help you, too!

What exactly is hydroponics?

Well the definition of hydroponics is literally "working water". All it boils down to is growing plants without soil or any kind of dirt. There are a total of six types of hydroponic growing systems with a few hundred variations on these basic systems.

Is growing hydroponically new?

It was a new form of technology when Egyptian Pharaohs used it to grow their produce. If you look at history, one of the amazing "Seven Wonders of the World" includes the Hanging Gardens. This was the first known hydroponic garden. This proves that hydroponic growing is not a new thing, just something most people are not familiar with.

Is hydroponics unnatural or artificial?

We all know that marijuana growth is happening naturally all around the world. Each of these plants requires a few natural ingredients for optimal growth. All hydroponics is doing is giving your marijuana plants everything they need, exactly when they need it. The nutrient solution does not mutate the plant or cause it to fill up with mysterious chemicals, it just helps them grow quicker and stronger!

Does hydroponics harm the environment?

If you are looking for an "Earth-friendly" approach to growing, hydroponics is the best approach there is. Marijuana plants grown hydroponically lose 70-90% less water over soil-grown plants, and they do not lose any fertilizer to run-off from rain. That alone can show just how friendly hydroponics is to Mother Nature.

Can novice growers use hydroponics?

A hydroponic system can be totally sophisticated or incredibly simple. Disney World has an exhibit called "The Land" that is incredibly high-tech. The hydroponics of this exhibit control each aspect of the plant's life, from when to plant to harvesting. (We suggest you look it up if you have not seen it!) Even though Disney has shown the sophistication of high-end hydroponics, just keep in mind that it can also be a simple system that can be set up by almost anyone.

Is hydroponics growing expensive?

The beauty of hydroponics is that the system can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it. Each system has simple materials or more elaborate materials, allowing you to choose which best suits your budget. You can even go out and create your own grow system based off of a hydroponic model!

How widespread are hydroponic systems?

You can find hydroponic systems used world-wide for many different reasons. Hydroponics works really well when climates can limit the growth of different plants, where the soil cannot support crops due to poor nutrition or countries that no longer have fertile soil from abuse or neglect. British Columbia is a prime example because 90% of their greenhouse industry has turned to hydroponics.

Is there any way to use hydroponics outdoors?

Yes! Hydroponic systems can be used both indoors and outdoors. The only real reason that hydroponics work so well indoors is because the grower is in control of what Mother Nature would normally control outside. You can control the light, heat and evaporation, making the system work well for these plants. Plus, if you need to replace sunlight, it can be quite expensive!

Are pesticides still required in hydroponics?

Unfortunately, yes, some pesticides are still required, but the benefit of hydroponic systems is that you can sustain healthy marijuana plants on an organic form of pesticide. This allows you to go with products that do no damage to the environment and still have healthy plants! Double bonus!!

Can I grow humongous marijuana plants from hydroponics?

While hydroponically grown marijuana plants have superior yields, it really depends on which variety of seed (or clone) you used. Each plant has a genetic predisposition to grow to a certain size no matter what method of growth is used. This means that no matter which growing medium you choose, there is only so big your plant will ever get. Now, you will end up with healthy plants that live up to their potential more often than not when using hydroponics. This does not often happen when using soil because each soil has a different makeup that has variables that no one can account for 100% of the time. When using hydroponics, these variables can be controlled much more easily, leaving you the freedom of knowing your plants are getting the proper nutrition they need, unlike you would have with soil.

Isn't hydroponic growing more often used for illegal growing?

Law enforcement officials want us all to believe that most growers of illegal substances are the only ones using hydroponics, but this is simply not true. When comparing total percentages, hydroponic growth is used for illegal activity as often as a Ford is used by a bank robber trying to flee the scene of the crime. The majority of legitimate hydroponic operations just do not end up making the 6:00 news each night. Yes, you will notice that many marijuana plant growers use hydroponics but it is because of the same reasoning traditional hydroponic growers use the system: a better quality crop!

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