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Forbidden Fruit auto flowering feminized

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  • Type: mostly indica
  • Climate: indoor/outdoor
  • Yield: up to 14oz | 400g m2
  • Height: up to 24in | 60cm
  • Flowering time: 7 to 8 weeks
  • Harvest time: september
  • Difficulty: easy
  • THC level: strong 15% to 20%
  • Effect: very strong stoned
The Forbidden fruit auto flowering feminized marijuana seeds, for the French and Canadian customers "Le fruit defendu" marijuana, inherited her specific characteristics from a dominant Blue berry marijuana indica. The result of this great Blue berry background is that the Forbidden fruit produces a strong and compact marijuana plant. Due to her auto flowering nature, this marijuana plant is of small height. An auto flowering plant starts it's blooming after 3weeks. No matter the light circumstances. Hence the name "auto flowering". Le fruit defendu marijuana develops a huge center cola [top bud] covered with THC crystals and loaded with very sticky resin that can give the marijuana buds a blue and pink glow The marijuana leaves are mixed shades of green that tend to turn darker in cooler climates, the marijuana plant itself with all it's colour's is a pleasure for the eye. For a medium height marijuana plant, the Forbidden fruit marijuana seed strain produces an excellent yield. The Forbidden fruit marijuana plant is suitable to grow indoors as well as outdoors and cultivates fine in a greenhouse. We recommend this great marijuana variety to first time and novice marijuana growers. But the Forbidden fruit is an absolute must have for the connoisseur as well. The Forbidden fruit [Le fruit defendu] has a very fruity aroma that fills up the grow room or garden during the last period of the flowering stage. The smoke is strong but with that specific fruity overtone that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The high is an allround indica body buzz with a slight up high twist.
Note! All marijuana varieties have the capability of making male flowers on 100% female plants. This phenomenon also applies to feminized females especially under strong stress factors caused by different growing techniques. www.myweedseeds.com cannot and will not take responsibility of such cultivation implicated male occurrences.

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