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  • Dutch Dope seeds

Dutch Dope seeds

One pack contains 10 seeds


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  • Type: indica/sativa crossbreed
  • Climate: indoor/outdoor
  • Yield: up to 17.5oz | 500g m2
  • Height: up to 70in | 180cm
  • Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
  • Harvest time: september
  • Difficulty: easy/moderate
  • THC level: medium 8% to 15%
  • Effect: stoney high allround buzz
Dutch Dope (known as Holland's Hope) marijuana seeds are a stable and hardy marijuana crossbreed, inbred and improved in the Netherlands for over 10 years. She crosses our Super Skunk marijuana seed strain (thus, her classic indica appearance) and a sativa marijuana from California. We recommend Dutch Dope for outdoor growers who are novices or need to cope with less than optimal conditions. She's great for cultivating in cool climates and locales with short growing seasons. She's tall (with potentially great yields) and hardy, able to resist pests and molds. Dutch Dope is a favorite among commercial growers who bank on her abundant yield and super early flowering. By harvest, Dutch Dope produces large, solid, goldish-green bud clusters rich in THC glands and resin. She's the perfect "everyday smoke" smooth and pleasant tasting with a high that's nice and clear. Choose Dutch Dope to accommodate your everyday activity, or in greater volume for a couch-lock of heavy all-over relaxation.

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