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Cross breed marijuana strains


Choose your strains

You can create cuttings from specific varieties of marijuana plants that can grow and mature to flowering quicker than other varieties. Some varieties are better for this process than others, so you can go through and pick the most potent and quickest growing and flowering plants, too. You will want to breed your fastest growing marijuana plant with your greatest "high" male marijuana plant for quick flowering and potent strains of cannabis. Just keep cloning your mother plant for single garden of quick-growing plants. This will save you time down the road when trying to get to a mature harvesting point. Once you notice your male plants getting ready to flower (2-3 weeks prior to females), you should remove them so the females do not get pollinated. They should be moved to a new area that just gets a little bit of light, like a secluded windowsill somewhere in your home. You will want to have either newspaper or some glass beneath the plant to catch the pollen. If you want to keep your male plants alive, bend its top back severely, placing the plant into shock and delaying the maturity of the plant. You can also take the top of the plants off, putting it into water and then putting it over some glass. With this method you need to shake the branches daily to let the pollen drop on to the glass, collecting it with a razor.

The best way to pollinate

Your male marijuana plants can be pruned like this to allow them to produce more flowers when left in the dark. This is a much better option than freezing your pollen as fresh pollen works the best. If you have to save some pollen, keep it in a bag that is air-tight, in the freezer. This will allow it to last approximately one month. You may have a span of a few weeks before your female marijuana plants are ready to be pollinated. Female marijuana plants are ready for pollination two weeks after female flowers start to appear. If pollination happens too early, the chances of success decrease. You want your flowers well-established on the female, but you want each of the pistils (hairs) to still show. Make sure all fans are turned off and use a bag to pour the pollen over a branch of the female plant. We recommend you use two different male specimens on two different branches of your female plants. Wrap part of the bag around the stem you are trying to pollinate and close it around the base of the branch. Shake the branch as vigourously as possible without causing damage. Dampen the paper bag once a few minutes has passed and carefully take the bag off. Use a big bag to slip over the male branches and shake the plant gently to remove the excess pollen. Use caution when removing this bag and zip it closed when done. You should see a lot of dusty pollen in the bag. To pollinate another plant, use this bag and place it over another branch of a female plant, sealing the bag around the stem so not pollen can escape.

At this point you need to shake the stem and bag simultaneously, allowing an hour or two of settling after. You should then shake a second time and repeat the settling time. After the second settling time, remove the bag from the branch. The branch should be really well pollinated after this, and you should see seed production within two weeks. You should see ripe seeds between three and six weeks after pollination. Each branch can easily create a few hundred seeds, so one or two branches should be more than enough. If you are using two different varieties, you will get a bit of a third variety in between both branches. You will need a few different marijuana plants to be able to see which variety holds the characteristics you were breeding for. You will see mostly the dominant traits on the new plants, so occasionally you will need to re-breed these plants to get the recessive genes to show through, giving you a potential that may not otherwise be available.

The hybrid vigour

Most growers choose to cross only two varieties of marijuana plants that show great differences. This will leave one plant showing more growth, making it the "hybrid vigour". You will find the best varieties of marijuana plants from this type of breeding. Varieties of marijuana plants that are less robust is what you will typically find when you interbreed, especially when recessive genes begin to appear. This can also give you less potent plants. You will get varied offspring when you breed hybrids due to the combination of dominant and recessive genes. You will then need to try each product from the different varieties of marijuana plant completely separately in order to decide what flavors each plant will give you. If you happen to come across a marijuana plant that gives you early flowers, a high yield and a good buzz, then you will want to create clones of this plant indefinitely. More in-depth explanations of genetics will not be covered in this guide


When you have female marijuana plants that are not able to pollinate, they will swell with resin that was intended to help make marijuana seeds. The fake seed pods will then swell up with even more of the resin and the pistils (hairs) will change to red or orange and pull back into each pod. At this point, a marijuana plant can be harvested, dried and cured. There are no seeds with the bud of this form of plant, and this is then called "sinsemilla", meaning "no seeds".

Create your own female variety

You can even create a new variety of marijuana seed that will produce nothing but female marijuana plants from your two favorite female marijuana plants. You should have two different varieties of marijuana plants so you are not inbreeding the plants. You will get the greatest offspring from this mixture. You will find it much easier to figure out the type of quality you will get from female plants over male marijuana plants because the smoke is much more potent, making each quality show up more robustly. You will end up with only female seeds using this process because no male flowers were used. If you can apply Gibberellic Acid to a single branch of your female marijuana plant, it will induce a few male flowers. You need to spray your marijuana plant daily for 10 days with a diluted solution of 100 ppm (100 mL) Gibberellic acid. Once the male flowers form, you need to pollinate your female marijuana plant (or plants if you want a lot of seeds). Take the branch that has the male flowers attached and root it in a rooting solution and water. Put glass under this new plant to catch all of the pollen you will need. We recommend you follow the cloning method (above) to start the new plant. Take a paper bag and collect all of the pollen you can, including scraping off the glass so you don't miss any. You can use the pollen on different plants or the same plant you started the flowers on, effectively breeding a plant with itself. This will help hold the dominant characteristics, but it could lead to issues with inbreeding, so the process needs to be considered carefully.

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