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Best nutrient ratio for vegetative growth


Vegetative growth

After your marijuana plants have sprouted, they will begin growing vegetation. This will help your marijuana plants grow really tall through photosynthesis, allowing a lot of tip growth to occur above each set of marijuana leaves. Grow tips are the portion of the marijuana plant that can be cut off for clones, or asexual reproduction. Each major internode on the top of the marijuana plant will have a grow tip. Pruning the marijuana plant in a process known as "topping" will give your plants additional grow tips, growing two at each internode instead of one. However, you should know that the recovery time that your plants will require after this type of pruning will make it more worthwhile to grow smaller plants that do not need "topping".

The other option is to grow two plants in the same space and "train" them to fill the entire location. After germination, marijuana plants grow incredibly quickly during the vegetative stage, but giving your plants the ability to bypass any dark period will help them grow even quicker. You can indefinitely grow a vegetating marijuana plant, allowing you to decide when you want to make your marijuana plants flower.

Marijuana plants can be anywhere between 1 and 12 feet (30 cm and 3.6 m) when you begin flowering, which gives growers a lot of wiggle room when deciding how to fill their growing space. A 20/20/20 fertilizer solution that contains trace minerals works with both soil-based and hydroponic gardens that stay under constant lights. If you want a plant food, we recommend Formula Flora or the patio formula of Miracle Gro. Extra phosphorus (P) is recommended when you flip your light cycle to 12 hours for starting the flowering process. We also recommend using a tablespoon of Epsom salts within your nutrient solution for the added magnesium (Mg) and Sulfur (S) you need. If your plant food does not have trace minerals, you need to include them as well. That is why we recommend the plant foods we do, as all of these are contained within one place. Sprouts require 24 hours of light. If you choose to have slightly less light, you can use a timer, but do not go below 18 hours of light each day. You also need to bend the stems of young marijuana plants back and forth to help them be strong, allowing them to hold up heavy flower growth. Make sure you also circulate the air around your marijuana plants regularly because it reduces hazards that evaporate off of the plants and makes the stems stronger.

Hydroponic solution for vegetation (per gallon [3.5 liter])

  • Epsom Salts- ½ teaspoon
  • Oxygen Plus formula Plant Food-1 teaspoon (this is optional)
  • Urine from Humans- ¼ cup (this is optional and may create indoor odors)
  • Patio formula of Miracle Gro-1 teaspoon (contains trace elements)

This particular combination ensures that your marijuana plants get each nutrient they need, a solid source of potassium (K) nitrate for a better burn and it gives your plants increased oxygen around the roots. A secondary option includes mixing ¼ tablespoon of your 20/20/20 plant fertilizer into a gallon (3.5 L) of water, along with the necessary trace elements, oxygen and a fish emulsion solution. If you are able to keep your marijuana plants outdoors or in a greenhouse where the smell of a solution is not going to cause an issue, then this is the perfect solution for you. If smells can be a problem, then this solution is not recommended.

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