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Afghan feminized seeds

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  • Type: mostly indica
  • Climate: indoor/outdoor
  • Yield: up to 14oz | 400g m2
  • Height: up to 47.5in | 120cm
  • Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
  • Harvest time: september
  • Difficulty: easy
  • THC level: strong 15% to 20%
  • Effect: very strong stoned
Our Afghan feminized marijuana seed strain is 100% Indica - a pure Indo-Asian species that has never been crossed. It developed over thousands of years in the harsh, mountainous terrain of Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Southeast Asia. The resulting plants are quite stout, hardy, and disease-resistant. Afghan marijuana plants have a bushy habit and broad, plump leaves. They produce an abundance of very sticky cannabis buds that are large, but compact, and rich in THC crystals and resin glands. Some Afghan marijuana plants turn purple when ready to harvest. Because of it's sturdy and easy-to-cultivate nature, this is a great plant for first-time or novice growers. She will reward you by adjusting quickly to her environment and producing a rich, smooth smoke and taste similar to hash. With a very strong aroma and flavor, Afghan cannabis produces an intense physical narcotic effect.
Note! All marijuana varieties have the capability of making male flowers on 100% female plants. This phenomenon also applies to feminized females especially under strong stress factors caused by different growing techniques. www.myweedseeds.com cannot and will not take responsibility of such cultivation implicated male occurrences.

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