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  • Hemp and marijuana difference

    Hemp and marijuana difference

    Hemp is an amazing plant that has been cultivated for thousands of years. It is incredibly versatile and valuable, but it is also incredibly controversial as well. When most people think about hemp, a picture of marijuana pops into their head because these two plants are often confused as the same product. Hemp products, such as clothing or purses...

  • Hemp and marijuana facts

    Hemp and marijuana facts

    For ease of explanation, we will refer to hemp by "Cannabis sativa". Other marijuana plants can also be called hemp, however, the cannabis variety of hemp is considered to be most useful. The name, "Cannabis sativa" even means "Useful Hemp" when broken down. Hemp actually boils down to any plant with extreme durability that early humanoids...

  • Marijuana and the effect on humans

    Marijuana and the effect on humans

    Most people would not be able to guess how long marijuana's history goes back in time. Thousands of years ago is when cannabis was first cultivated. There is written documentation that dates back to 28 B.C. talking about the medicinal use of marijuana in China. This equates to over 2,000 years of proven marijuana growth among the world's cultures.

  • The ancient art of making hashish

    The ancient art of making hashish

    The process for making hash has changed very little since early humanoids first came into contact with mature marijuana plants. Removing the mature resin has become more refined but the original essence is still intact. The entire process that allows people to remove and preserve marijuana's resins is what making hash is all about. The glands...


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