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Feminized - Delicious Seeds - Critical Yumbolt

Feminized - Delicious Seeds - Critical Yumbolt
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Yield: Indoor
Flowering Time
O/door Month

Seed Count
Delicious Seeds
25% sativa 75% indica
Critical Mass x Yumbolt
400 gr/m2 indoor
50 to 55 days
late September

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Our Critical Yumbolt is the result of crossing the famous clone named Critical Bilbo with one the world’s best known Californian strains. Yumbolt is one of the most special indicas for its taste which is reminiscent of some Californian sativas and for its +60 day flowering cycle.

Critical Yumbolt is an indica that looks like sativa dominant hybrids. It grows taller than the purest indicas and care is needed to manage the plant’s final height. In SCROG systems, it tolerates pruning well and the flowering phase is quicker than its Californian ancestors as well as being more abundant and compact. Resin production is very copious from the start of bud formation.

The smell when you break them up is very intense and lingers in the air for a while afterwards. Its taste is longlasting with hints of metal, spices and liquorice with subtle fruity back notes. The effect is immediate and really strong.

At the start there’s a light sensation of cerebral stimulation that can be euphoric but it soon becomes totally physical. For this reason, we consider this a good strain for enjoying in a quiet place and not for undertaking physical activities.


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