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Feminized - Cali Connection - Chem Valley Kush

Feminized - Cali Connection - Chem Valley Kush
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This is a sick hybrid from 2 of the strongest strains on earth in my opinon.Together they are unstopable.I have worked this version for over a year now i used an f3 male that was a stinky lil bastard with strong pronounced lemon pledge stench like his mother SFV OG kush, the chem d clone only was glad to meet this new guy for sure.. This hybrid will love and work well with super cropping , LST, and any other training methods. 10 seeds per pack. Flowering time of 8 weeks. Yields will vary.

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Cali Connection - Chem Valley Kush: Crossing two of the most stinky varieties

The feminized Chem Valley Kush by Cali Connection is the Sativa dominant outcome of crossing two of the strongest and most "aromatic" (OK, let's be honest - they reek) varieties today. This green monster has been created by mating a ChemDawg clone and a San Fernando Valley OG Kush V.II, resulting in a strain with ultra potent weed.

Chem Valley Kush by Cali Connection requires a flowering time of 65-75 days to develop its elongated and fully frosted clusters of buds from head to toe.

And we are NOT kidding with our warning to beginners and first-timers: This weed provides an overwhelming effect, a gradually increasing, strong energetic body feeling and increased heart beat to a level, that could be causing feelings of malaise or anxiety - hey, at least we are honest! This hard-to-handle intro of the high then slowly turns into a gentle couch-lock effect as if you were returning from a trip.


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