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Dutch Passion - Frisian Dew - Feminised

Dutch Passion - Frisian Dew - Feminised
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Breeder:  Dutch Passion
Super Skunk x Purple Star
Indica / Sativa
Flowering Time:
  7-9 Weeks
Harvest Month: 

Seed Count:  5

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1st prize High Life Holland 2008

The most beautiful outdoor variety we have ever encountered. A Super Skunk female x Purple Star male, seen after 3 years of selecting clones. Although we produced many Skunk/Purple hybrids in the past 20 years, we have never seen anything coming close to this hybrid. Light purple coulour.(50% Indica, 50% Sativa). Very high yielder, very good stem to leave ratio (only little leaves). Not susceptible to mold. Absolute premium quality outdoor strain. A must for the outdoor grower.

Back then the whole story of Dutch Passion began with a couple of outdoor strains, amongst them Purple Star and Twilight, bred by breeder Henk van Dalen in the seventies and early eighties. Until today, this seed company is known for carrying a wide range of superb outdoor strains, and Dutch Passion recently further expanded its outdoor assortment by four new exciting strains: Taiga, Tundra, Pamir Gold and Snow Bud. Another newer outdoor strain from Dutch Passion already released in 2008 is Frisian Dew, a 50:50 indica/sativa cross of two legendary Dutch strains: Super Skunk and Dutch Passion's own Purple Star, found after three years of selecting clones.

Already in its first year of market presence, Frisian Dew received prize honours for being the winner of the outdoor category of the High Life Cup 2008. Dutch Passion says about Frisian Dew it's the most beautiful outdoor variety they've ever encountered: "Although we produced many Skunk/Purple hybrids in the past 20 years, we have never seen anything coming close to this hybrid." Dutch Passion promises a high yield, good stem to leave ratio (only little leaves), very good mold resistance as well as a pleasant taste and strong potency. Frisian Dew will ripen already in the first week of October, flowering takes 7-8 weeks. 

A place to grow Frisian Dew.

German grower Hi-Five gets his personal marijuana supply from organic outdoor gardening, so he depends on reliable high-quality feminised outdoor strains. With Dutch Passion strains, he has always gained positive experience. Let's see how he did his thing last year when he cultivated a bed full of feminised Frisian Dew plants.

Hi-Five uses to grow his marijuana plants on a south-facing side bed of his garden (next to a garden wall), where also two little apple trees are growing. The wall is high enough to protect the plants from curious neighbours and also from storm damages. The two little apple trees also have a protective function, heavy rainfalls or hail falls are partly being catched away by the trees, thus don't hitting the plants too hard. The crowns of the apple trees are not that dense, rather open, so that enough light shines through to the plants.


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